Ronald Jenkins II

Was born and raised in Hartford, CT. He grew up with a family that loved to cook, and inspired not only by his grandmother but the “professionals” in the family – three executive chefs and a pastry chef. As if this was not enough he also gained inspiration from the founders of television chefs like Julia Child’s French cuisine, her love for food and creative presentation. He marveled at Chef Paul Prudhomme’s, down home cooking and savory dishes. He loved Chef Yin’s knife skills and nonstop sense of humor. He would watch the master chef’s on television and begin to implement his plan at a young age.

Ron engrossed himself in programs that focused on countless cooking styles and was now ready to spend time with the professionals in the family. Practical training was essential and these were the steps needed to complete his vision. There he learned the essentials of being a Chef; professionalism, how to wear a Chef’s coat, tying a neckerchief, and knife skills. There he saw a “real” kitchen and visualized himself, playing with various herbs and spices that now surrounded him.

At only fifteen, with the assistance of an aunt he made his first Wedding Cake. Although the family supported his efforts, he says laughing, that the cake tasted great but was truly remedial in presentation.

Ron graduated high school and moved to Atlanta, GA where he received his culinary education. While in school Ron wasn’t able to travel much, but with food he journeyed to every area of the world. He worked in the foodservice industry in many different capacities and venue scales- hotels, restaurants and convention centers/ sports arena. Chef Ron became well rounded and knew that he was now ready to expand and to educate people how to explore with food.

Chef Ron has catered to many notables, currently former President Carter and Family. He has also had the chance to cook for the late Johnnie Cochran, Luther Vandross, and many more.

Chef Ron is very adamant about staying active in the community. He believes that as culinarians as well as humanitarians we should do our part to conserve our environment by contributing and participating in ecofriendly and sustainable ideas.